Dojo Kun is the Karate warrior code. 

It is the very ideals for which we try to live our day to day lives. This is recited in IOGKF Dojo’s all across the world as part of our end of class meditation. Before each rule we say ‘Hitotsu’ (pronounced as ‘Shi-tots’) meaning rule number one. 

Therefore each rule is as important as all the others… 

The Dojo Kun is important as it refers not only to the training that occurs in the dojo, but also the way in which we live our lives.  This is why when we train karate, we not only make of bodies stronger and more skilled, but we also aim to be a good person, a rounded person with respect for all, courage to push ourselves and above all, we never give up!

These are not only precepts to train by, but precepts to take into our lives in general.