I have been training in martial arts for many years now. My training started as a child in Ireland. At that time my family had been involved in Wado-Ryu Karate and it was my uncle who suggested to my parents that Karate training could be a good match for my energy levels. I have to admit to not being a confident child and I wasn’t overly happy to be going to classes in the first place. 

The club was part of the Olympic Karate Club in Cork, Ireland and before long I was attending international events (gasshuku) with instructors such as Senseis Kase, Heene,  Cattle and the ESA. I have always followed a traditional karate pathway because of the longevity and on-going learning that it offers. My early dojo Senseis, Sensei O’Driscoll and Sensei Harte drilled into us all the importance of following this route and whilst they encouraged my competitive interests, they also helped me to see how Karate could also bring a lifetime of wealth. 

After a competition career that spanned many years I moved to London and found Goju Ryu Karate. A 4th Dan in Shotokan, it was difficult to step away from my known pathway, however since finding Goju Ryu Karate, Tooting Karate Club, the EGKA and IOGKF I have never looked back. 

Since joining the EGKA via Tooting Karate Club I have found a worldwide Karate family, I have trained with incredible instructors from around the UK and the world. Since moving across to Goju Ryu, I have graded to 3rd and then 4th Dan with the EGKA. In order to ensure that I am constantly learning and developing within my own Karate journey I travel regularly to Okinawa. 

The IOGKF recently asked me to introduce myself, if you are interested, here is the article click here